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About us

Healfie is an app for macular degeneration, to bring awareness and monitor macular degeneration to the most users and patients. The app tracks your eye health using Amsler Grid, visual acuity test and colour vision & contrast sensitivity test, and set reminders for doctors' appointments. Our mission is to benefit the society's welfare.

Active Patient-centered Health Passport

Complete HEALTH (medical + lifestyle) data platform for holistic care

Well-connected platform that allows information exchange among stakeholders such as healthcare professionals through integration with Clinical Management Systems

Health risk management/surveillance system that uses data analytics and big data algorithms to alert users and professionals on health threats and necessary interventions

Big data and AI algorithm to generate comprehensive industrial and public health insights



•Healfie sets up a overall health platform and collect different useful health parameters with or without gadgets, and translate to useful analysis via existing research formulas and big data results

•It presents the data to "easy to understand " graphs and health score that a user can monitor his/her own behavior in a more active way.

•It enables users to manage their own family members health record and be able to exert health advice to them and allow comparison

•Health score will evolve with more parameters and more gadgets and can further elaborate under separate systems* the social platform allows users to be more "stickier " with the apps

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